Justin T. Wells

Producer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Pianist

Songs I've Produced:

Lying Eyes by Adrian Walton

Lyrics: Adrian Walton
Drums: Trey Willis
Guitars: Marcus Acker


Adrian was the first artist I met that had some original songs just scratched out and didn't really give it another thought. She was my OG artist and she wasn't shopping for help. Her vocals drew me in, as did her lyrics. I met her through a mutual friend that used to cut my hair. She gave me full reign to make the song fresh and new. I played keys, mixed, and wrote the orchestration for the song. This is a work she should be very proud of.

Time by Marcus Acker

Vocals and Guitars: Marcus Acker
BGV: Niqui Shanklin
Drums and Bass: Charlie Harper


When I had to produce 3 songs for my final semester at Berklee I asked Marcus if I could use some of his. We listened to a lot of his demo's (he's always writing and recording). I woke up a few weeks later and had "Time" playing in my head. We stripped it down, and took a fresh approach. Marcus allowed me to produce him, which was honestly the coolest thing, as he is a producer in his own right. I was honored to work on this song with him.

Jaded by Marcus Acker

Vocals and Guitars: Marcus Acker
BGV: Niqui Shanklin
Drums and Bass: Charlie Harper


Jaded was another song that seemed to stick in my head from Marcus' collection. I kept hearing a George Straight "Run" feel on the tune, it took some convincing but Marcus came around. We tried the traditional studio approach to this song by starting with a charted arrangement, we just couldn't get it to feel right. Me, Charlie and Marcus sat in the studio, hit record, and this was the final arrangement Marcus delivered as his sang it live in the room playing acoustic. We of course did some re-takes and overdubs, but we had the feel. The rest is as you hear it.

Take me to Church by Hosier

Vocals: JJ Worthen
Guitars: Marcus Acker
Drums: Clay Jasper
Bass: Jimmy Willis

01 TakeMeToChurch_Mix10.mp3

For one project I had to pick and song and duplicate it as close as humanly possible. I had been toying with this song by Hosier for a few months, the minor key, with irregular timing here and there was intriguing to me. It was a dirty track, and was fun to make. J.J. was a huge help in bringing the vocals together.

Live Work

Here I am accompanying Robin Jackson at Community of Faith on "What Love is This" by Kari Jobe
If you listen closely enough, Donald Butler brings in some light acoustic guitar.

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